White Umbrella Entertainment is a leading production company in North India offering film production & services with strong industry alliances, Highly skilled Pre-Production & Production Crews, world class Post- production facilities and movie studios, blended with the cutting age technology which are easily available at a reasonable cost. We are also capable of delivering international quality service with more production value.
White Umbrella Entertainment aims to facilitate the client in achieving their creative goals. Our experienced and talented team of Creative Directors, Line Producers, Production coordinators, video editors and cameramen.. all strive to bring in a unique perspective and maximum return to any project either large or small.We have been working with clients across North India helping them to attain an entirely new level of fineness through our services. At White Umbrella Entertainment, we know that the success of our business is directly related to the success of our customers. We listen carefully and respond quickly to the needs of our customers and constantly expand services and the delivery quality standards.
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